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Inside Hitodama the spirit wolf.

Hitodama the Spirit Wolf,

for those of you who are familiar with Japanese mythology you would know what a Hitodama is. For those of you who don't here's what they are.

A Hitodama is a part of Japanese mythology, they take the form of a little ball of fire which is a soul of the dead that have been separated from their body.

Background story:

Spirit wolves are generally transparent, quiet creatures. The more opaque they are, the more the spirit is connected with the Earth. Spirit wolves are found throughout Wunderkammer, but they are mostly found in 'The Isle of Missing Souls' as it is central for all lost spirits.

I was inspired by the colour of the Hitodama flame which is usually purple, blue or sometimes green, I wanted to add that green element so I painted his eyes green and added the two green rhinestones. The long fur represents the flames, while the shorter darker fur represents the hotter inner part of the flame, while once again the black eye tufts draw you into his eyes.

This guy will be available for purchase at Supanova Melbourne April 15th - 17th. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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