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Inside Yoru the Night Spirit Fox.

Yoru the Night Spirit Fox,

I made this little guy for a gallery show called 'Made in Melbourne' at Auguste Clown Gallery. He is a bit of a hybrid creation, half nature half Japanese inspired. I wanted to make something small and yet striking.

Background story:

Night spirit foxes get their name from their dark black coats, they possess a great energy which you are able to feel when near them. The energy you feel is representative of what kind of person you are. Night Spirit Foxes are found in Kalatha, patrolling the boarders hidden in the darkness of the forest.

On the nature side of things, I was inspired by the pitch black of the night while the white is representative of the moons light, while the two tails and name stemmed from a Japanese folklore influence. The white fur tufts on the back of his neck are representative of the characters life force.

I chose yellow eyes for him as the bright colour stands out against the neutral tones, my trademark black eye tufts are lost against the solid black face, so the white highlighting under his eyes takes over that job.

This guy was on display at Auguste Clown Gallery in Fitzroy, Australia, happy to say he sold on opening night. Alternatively you can check out my social media pages below.

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