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Inside Copernicus the Sun Bear.

Copernicus the sun bear,

I think the sun is an overlooked part of the natural world, the sun’s surface has a wonderful array of colours to offer and this is what this lady was inspired from

Copernicus is part of my fauna and flora series.

Background story:

Sun bears are noble creatures, they have a very strong relationship with the owners and will stay by them no matter what. Sun bears are found in The Valley of Fire, mainly residing in Volcano Alley.

I was inspired by the colour or the sun’s surface, with a lot of browns, yellows and oranges. Copernicus' fur is representative of the cooler parts of the sun’s surface, while her darker face and feet are representative of sun spots.

Once again the black eye tufts are slightly hidden, the while will still draw you into her eyes. I chose orange eyes for her to represent a sun flare.

This lady will be available for purchase at Supanova Melbourne April 15th - 17th. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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