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Inside Kukunochi the god of trees.

According to Japanese mythology, Kukunochi no kami is the spirit of trees. In my depiction, he has taken the form of a squirrel.

He is part of my Japanese mythology series.

Background story:

There is only one Kukunochi the God of Trees, he was appointed to protect part of the Kalatha forest after it was attacked by spirit harvesters. He has watched over part of the Kalatha forest for many years, ensuring it stays protected.

I was inspired by tree's themselves, with his brown coat representing a tree trunk and his green tail representing the trees canopy. I chose orange eyes for him as they are striking next to his green and brown coat, and again my trademark black eye tufts draw you into his eyes, while the white highlighting brings the eyes out.

This guy will be available for purchase at Supanova Melbourne April 15th - 17th. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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