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Inside Kuro the Hidden Kitsune.

Kuro the Hidden Kitsune,

A kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, they're widely prevalent in Japanese folklore. It is said that all Kitsune have the ability to shapeshift into human forms, they are known for their intelligence and wisdom.

Background story:

Kuro the Hidden Kitsune. They say hidden Kitsune's hide in the shadows of thoughts, their colour changes with the type of thought. Kuro is derived from a dark impure thought, hence his dark coat.

Hidden Kitsune's are found all throughout Wunderkammer, Kuro however is located in Crooked Trawl, a place for the immoral and corrupt...

I was inspired by fox masks in Japanese theater known as ''Noh'', I wanted to keep the integrigty of a handmade mask so any imperfections were lightly sanded but still left as a charactristic. I used a thicker paint for his details on his face as again I wanted to keep that handmade asthetic. Kuro also possesses long tufts of fur on the back of his neck which symbolise the charcters life force, this is previlant through many of my dolls.

This guy will be available for purchase at Supanova Melbourne April 15th - 17th. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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