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Inside Plunge the Waterfall Fox.

Plunge the Waterfall Fox

Everyone knows what a waterfall is right? I was and still am, amazed by them. There's something magical about waterfalls, the sound, the power, the smell, you know what I'm talking about.

Background story: Waterfall foxes are somewhat of a divine creature is Wunderkammer, only those who are pure at heart will see them. They are found at Whitewash Falls, right on the boarder of Alpine Falls and Clearwater. Legend had it that if you see a Waterfall Fox you will have great luck.

Who isn't inspired by waterfalls, I wanted to do another water element for my dolls, because surprisingly I have only done two other water inspired dolls and they were a river wolf and a water dragon. So I decided to go with a waterfall, I found the particular fur looked like water falling of a cliff. I decided to go with green eyes as I wanted a little bit of essence of the trees that grow on the sides of waterfalls.

I also decided to go with black for the longer tufts on the back of his neck; a characteristic of many of my dolls, representing the creatures life force. And once again the black eye tufts draw you into his eyes while the white highlights under his eyes break up the solid blue colour. I also added a few spots on his forehead with complimenting spots on his rear.

This guy will be available for purchase this Friday morning AEST in my Etsy shop. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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