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Inside Achromia the Albino Kangaroo.

Achromia is based off an albino red kangaroo; I thought this would be a great place to share some information about the red kangaroo. Going by their scientific name Macropus rufus, and with a body length of up to 1.6m and a tail reaching up to 1m, the red kangaroo is the largest of all kangaroos. They are also the largest living marsupial, meaning they carry their young in their pouch; the joeys will remain in their pouches for around 235 days before permanently leaving the pouch but will continue to suckle.

Found across Central Australia, they are characterised by their short soft red coat, black and white markings on the side of their muzzle, shorter front limbs and powerful, longer hind limbs which enables them to reach speeds of up to 65kph (40mph).

I was inspired by one of my regular strange Google rabbit hole sessions, which consisted of me looking at pictures of albino animals..

I had never made an albino animal before and this guy was my second kangaroo I had made. It was a real challenge getting the body right and steady on two legs but we got there. The shading was also a little different as albino animals don't have any pigment so Achromia's shading had to be done in a more muted brown and pink.

This lady will be available for purchase tomorrow morning AEST in my Etsy shop. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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