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Inside Opuntia the Prickly Pear Ferret.

Opuntia the Prickly Pear Ferret.

Background story: Prickly Pear Ferrets are found throughout the Valley of Fire and Central Highlands. They love to eat prickly pears and will usually build a burrow next to their favourite cactus. They will get very defensive if their cactus is touched and won't hesitate to give you a little nip.

Although prickly pear is declared an invasive pest here in Australia, I found inspiration from the colours of the thorny cucti' fruit, I love the way it changes colour when it ripens.

I wanted the main colour of Opuntia to be green, the main colour of the cactus itself, while a hint of purple I used in the underbelly represents the colour of the actual fruit. I added the pink rhinestones to represent the pink colour the fruit turns.

This little guy is sold, check out my Etsy shop for more dolls. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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