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Inside Pyske the Pixie Cat.

Pyske the Pixie Cat.

Background story: Pixie cats are mischievous creatures, they love nothing more than to play jokes on others and even steal shiny things. Pixie cats are usually found around Tall Trees and Clearwater.

The second doll I made out of my new cat sculpt, I tried something a little different in the construction process of this kitty. I wanted a smaller, slender tail, I've found when you sew a thick tube of fur together, it tends to twist. So I tried a gluing technique rather than sewing the tail. I'm quite happy with they way it turned out, but like all new things, there is room for improvement.

I found inspiration from her huge eyes are and colour of the fur, it's a brilliant magenta colour.

I wanted to add some white to the face to break up the pink, however I thought it made her too cute. So to combat the cuteness, I added the black markings on her face and body.

I once again gave her the black eye tufts draw you into her teal eyes which complement the magenta well. Pyske also demanded some antennae..

This lady will be available for purchase this Friday morning AEST in my Etsy shop. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below. Also check out my Society6 shop.

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