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Inside Triclinic the Turquoise Lion.

Triclinic the Turquoise Lion

Another one of my new series based on minerals and gemstones, and again who the hell knows much about turquoise itself other than it has a long chemical formula that otherwise if you didn't go to school for, you wouldn't know what it means. To the rest of us, turquoise is a prized gemstone and a rare mineral.

Background story:

Turquoise lions are found underground in caves, they are nocturnal creatures only coming out of their cave to feed. They are found around the Central Highlands, through Valley of fire and up to Clearwater.

I had a hard time getting inspiration for this guy, I came up with a concept while I was playing around with watercolour and I know I wanted to do this kind of colour way. So I decided to have a look at minerals and gemstones, and viola, I found the perfect mineral, turquoise. I decided to go with the same coloured eyes as his turquoise fur as his face was going to be fully black, I wanted to use that colour in eyes instance possible, including the rhinestones I added. The black eye tufts are lost in the rest of his black fur, but the white highlights under his eyes are great for breaking up the colour and bringing his eyes out. I also decided to go with black for the longer tufts on the back of his neck; a characteristic of many of my dolls, representing the creatures life force.

Here is the concept picture I painted:

This guy is sold, but check out my Etsy shop for more dolls. Also check out my Society6 store for prints and more. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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