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Inside Poaceae The Grass Platypus.

A platypus is an unusual Australian animal with a duck bill, one of their strangest and well known attribute is the fact they are an egg laying mammal.

Background story:

Grass platypus' are very shy creatures, they are rarely seen on the banks of Clearwater and hide at any sign of movement. Grass Platypus' are found in a small part of Clearwater where the water is pure and clean.

I was inspired by the the way the fur looks like a lush lawn. I chose green eyes for him as his bill is brown and wanted to add a little more green to the front of his face, and again my trademark black eye tufts draw you into his eyes, while the white highlighting brings the eyes out.

This guy is sold, but check out my Etsy shop for more dolls. Prints available in my Society6 store. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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