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Inside Lumen the Technicolour dream Bear.

What can I say about this lady; there was just one name that kept echoing, it was technicolour dream bear. I made her using my older bear pattern, so she is a little smaller than my latest bears which I drafted a larger pattern for.

Background story:

Technicolour dream bears are gentle creatures, they are usually found at high altitude in Alpine Ridge, although they do venture down to lower altitudes in Clearwater for minerals.

I was inspired by the colour of the fur itself; it reminded me of technicolour, while the pastel tones gave it a dreamy feel. The black eye tufts draw you into her eyes, the while highlights and breaks up the solid colour of her face. I chose orange eyes for her as it was the dominant colour tip on the fur and wanted to relate back to the body.

This lady is sold, more dolls available in my Etsy shop. Check out my Society6 store for prints and more. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below.

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