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Inside Tsukuyomi the Moon God Kitsune

Background story: A legendary creature, Tsukuyomi the Moon God Kitsune is one of three noble children. He has been spotted drifting throughout Wunderkammer, only appearing at night.

According to Japanese mythology, Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon. In my depiction, he has taken the form of a kitsune. I chose to give him a black head to represent the darkness that surrounds the moon, while I'm not sure where the red body came from, it kind of just spoke to me.

Tsukuyomi is made from a thick pile faux fur, while is face was hand painted with high quality acrylic paints. I chose to give him a gold circle representing the moon. Longer black fur was added to his neck to represent the life force of the creature.

This guy will be available for purchase this Friday morning between 9-10am AEST in my Etsy shop. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below. Also check out my Society6 and Redbubble shop for prints and more.

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