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Inside Larix the Marshwood Tree Cat

Marshwood tree cats are a small feline breed specific to one area of a newly found region, The Tribal Lands, or as the natives call it Azanmar. Made up of 6 coloured areas, the tree cat is specific to Marshwood in the Green Tribal lands. This area is dense with forests making it the perfect environment for the tree cat, they are magnificent climbers and generally spend much of their time within the tree tops.

Their coat is dark green in colour with black markings along their hind area to help them blend into the tree tops and hunt at night. Unlike many felines, the tree cat has an omnivorous diet meaning they eat both meat and plants, it mainly consists of insects, reptiles, small mammals, seeds, nuts, fruits and leaves.

The second doll I've made from the newly discovered tribal region, I decided to go with a small cat and use the kitten sculpt. I recently got a bunch of mongolian faux fur in and I loved the way this kitten sculpt looked with this fur. I had a nice forest green fur that I wanted to used so I thought what better area to use it than the Green Tribal Lands. I didn't want the entire doll to be a dark green, so I added some white to the face to break it up and bring out the features a little more. I also decided to add some black markings along the back, I wasn't too sure if they would show up but I went with it anyway.

Larix has a resin face and paws that were cast from an original sculpture hand crafted by me. Her body is made from thick faux fur which was designed and sewn by me, she has a wire armature inside making her fully poseable, her face was furred by hand and painted in acrylic paints.

Larix is approximately 30 x 18cm head to tail.

Larix will be up for grabs in my Etsy shop this Friday between 9-10am AEST. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below. Also check out my Society6 and Redbubble shop for prints and more.

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