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Inside Ferrum the Ironwoods Phoenix

Ironwood phoenix's are very much like vultures, however they are extremely rare. Their body is berry in colour while their wings and display feathers are a striking red colour. They prey consists of small rodents, reptiles and insects, they are incredibly intelligent and are one of the few tool using creatures. They use these tools to fish insects out of holes and to coax ants and termites out of their mounds. Each tool use is taught to the next generation from their parents.

They are primarily found in the Ironwoods area of Mirr (The Red Tribal Lands) in Cry India.

Another one of my favourite creatures to make, the phoenix. This time I wanted to do something in a purple colour, I realised that most of my previous phoenix's were wither blue, white or orange. I decided to go with this dark berry coloured fur, this fur is a woven fur rather than the normal style backing you usually see. I have found that using this fur for bird dolls works great as it is usually a great length and has an alost feather like feel to it. I also cast some glass eyes into Ferrums head which give it a more realistic look. The eyes are a green pink, so that is where the purple colouring came from. I didn't want to do the entire dolls as purple though, so I went for a red for the wing feathers and the decorative feathers on the head.

Ferrum has a resin face and claws were cast from an original sculpture hand crafted by me. His body is made from thick faux fur which was designed and sewn by me, he has a wire armature inside making him fully poseable, his face was furred by hand and painted in acrylic paints.

Ferrum is approximately 30 x 18cm head to tail. Ethically sourced feather were used for the wings.

Ferrum will be up for grabs in my shop this Friday between 9-10am AEST. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below. Also check out my Society6 and Redbubble shop for prints and more.

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