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Inside Achaea the baby Hippocampus

The Hippocamus is a thought to be extinct mythical creature with the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish or mermaid. In ancient writings, it is said they come in a variety of colours depending on where they reside, the colour variation usually matches the seascape in which they live. It also describes a feeling of a powerful aura when in the vicinity of the creature, almost like a magnetic pull. One day a baby Hippocamus appeared off the coast of the White Tribal Lands Ank, this baby has a white body with an iridescent tail and fins. In ancient times the Hippocampus use to range throughout the oceans of the world, they hadn't been seen for hundreds of years until the sighting of Achaea.

Achaea was made from one of my older sculpts using my baby horse parts, the idea was to create something new from an old sculpt. I had an idea of doing ancient mythological creatures that use to reside in my world and the hippocampus what the first the popped into my mind. As the parts had a baby look to them I thought to create a baby hippocampus leaving an opportunity to create the adult versions later on. It's also the first doll I used sequined fabric to create fish scales with, and I'll definitely be using it again! I tried a number of different techniques and designs for this doll which I'm really happy I tired out.

Achaea has a resin face and hooves that were cast from an original sculpture hand crafted by me. Her body is made from thick faux fur and sequined fabric which was designed and sewn by me, she has a wire armature inside making her fully poseable, her face was furred by hand and painted in acrylic paints.

Achaea is approximately 18x 20cm head to tail.

Achaea will be up for grabs in my new shop this Friday around 8am AEST. Alternatively you can check me out on my social media pages below. Also check out my Society6 and Redbubble shop for prints and more.

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