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Inside Plox the Rainbow Unicorn bunny

Rainbow unicorn bunnies are the sweetest creatures around, they love nothing more than to bring people and other creatures gifts (or what they deem as gifts lol). Both males and females grow silver coloured horns, however the females are usually smaller. They tend to live in large colonies where everyone is equal and each will do it's share for the colony. 

They usually reside in a span of different areas, from the White Tribal Lands Ank to the Blue Tribal Lands Saa and even in the Land in the Sky Wemkeer.

Plox has a resin face and paws that were cast from an original sculpture hand crafted by me. Her body is made from thick faux fur which was designed and sewn by me, she has a wire armature inside making her fully poseable, her face was furred by hand and painted in acrylic paints. Her horn is made from aridry clay.

Plox is approximately 12 x 12cm head to tail.  

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