© 2015 Natalie Taylor

© 2015 Natalie Taylor

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Ancient Sun Stags are highly worshipped creatures, they are the symbol of the Sun Village and are said to bring health and happiness. Their image has been seen in ancient tablets dating from 500 years in the past


Solis has a resin face and hooves that were cast from an original sculpture hand crafted by me, he also has glass eyes which were cast in the resin. his antlers are plastic so they are very durable. His body is made from thick faux fur which was designed and sewn by me, he has a plastic ball and socket armature inside making him fully poseable, his face was furred by hand and painted in acrylic paints. Solis is approximately 30 x 30cm head to tail.

Hours of work goes into my dolls, all items are hand crafted and are original. I use only high quality materials so I can produce the best quality pieces.

Please note my dolls are not toys, they're not meant as toys for small children.

This doll is already completed (not a custom order) and is ready for shipping.

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Solis Ancient Sun Stag poseable artdoll