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Character Profile - Frost

Quote: ''Us noble crafters have a duty to protect this land and it's creatures."


Name: Lady Frost Winterwood

Nickname: Ice princess.

Age: 17

Hometown: The village of Winter Pines in Clearwater

Craft: Water craft and Ice craft


Often perceived as too passive for the role, Frost is the heiress of the noble Watercrafter nation. Frost has an incredible talent for water and ice craft, far excelling any other Watercrafter in their history, but her kind nature restricts her to use her full capacity.

Her love interest Lynx comes from the common Watercrafter nation, which is forbidden to marrying into the noble nation. Frost is constantly torn between her ancestry and her heart.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Winterberries, pine and crystals.

Dislikes: Garlic, onions and confrontation.


Personality: Frost is a quietly spoken individual, she has a deep concern for others emotions and the creatures and can be passed off as too timid. She does not like confrontation, but she has an overwhelming power once angered or forced to protect something she loves.

Physical: A tall and slender young woman, Frost bears the Watercrafter's trademark three white stripe facial markings on each cheek. She is of pure white complexion which enables Watercrafters to blend into their snowy environment.

Hair Colour: Frost has beautiful long stark white hair, prevalent with all noble Watercrafters, which she wears in a plat.

Eye Colour: Striking blue eyes, again a feature with all Watercrafters.

Height: 148cm

Weight: 47kg

Piercings/Tattoos: None


Family: Undiscovered.

Friends: Lynx, Rabbit, Myst, Valley.

Enemies: None.

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