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Character Profile - Kodama

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Name: Kodama of Kalatha Forest

Nickname: Great Forest Spirit

Age: Unknown

Hometown: Kalatha

Craft: Spiritcrafter


Kodama is a bit of a mystery, she is an ancient spirit of the Kalatha forest and has wondered around for many years. She brings life to everything she touches, healing those who are suffering. She is protected by The Red Wolf, a spirit that nobody but Azrael can see. When Kodama walks, she leaves a trail of flowers and grass with each footstep which quickly disappears.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: The creatures and her forests.

Dislikes: Greed and dishonesty


Personality: Kodama doesn't usually doesn't speak, she drifts through the forest and heals what needs to be healed. She has a very caring and gentle nature, always avoiding the use of any kind of force.

Physical: Long deer like ears with antlers a top her head, brown shading around the temple and cheeks of her face with white spots.

Hair Colour: Long forest green hair.

Eye Colour: Piercing green eyes with no pupils

Height: 140cm

Weight: 48kg

Piercings/Tattoos: No piercings, tree roots appear on her hands when she uses crafting or healing.


Family: No family

Friends: The Red Wolf.

Enemies: Those who wish to harm the forest or the creatures.

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