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Character Profile - Myst

Quote: "Someone has to keep a handle on those damn merchants."


Name: Myst Threewinds

Nickname: The beauty of the north.

Age: 20

Hometown: The Hidden Village in Alpine Ridge.

Craft: Air craft and learning Ice craft.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Weaponry, her dragon and foraging.

Dislikes: Merchants.


Known to be a little bit of a tomboy, Myst was born into a relatively small nation of Aircrafters, she lives in a small village which is hidden between two mountains and shrouded in mist all year round giving its name, The Hidden Village. Aircrafters are self-sufficient in all areas meaning they grow their own food and make their own weaponry and clothing. Like all Aircrafters, Myst is an incredible climber, however she is exceptionally skilled at gathering cloudberries which grown only on the thinnest ledges high on mountain peaks. Aircrafters use cloudberries as currency and trades as they are a highly valuable item which only skilled Aircrafters can reach.

Myst received the gift of a dragon baby when she was born, the two share a remarkable bond and are inseparable.


Personality: Myst is a stubborn and blunt individual who is never afraid to speak her mind, this is caused her a bit of trouble but has also enabled her to deal with those pesky merchants, becoming somewhat of a diplomat within her nation. She has a reputation for being a bit of a loud mouth and short-tempered, never the less she has a pure heart.

Physical: Tall with the trademark red markings on her cheeks which is representative of the Hidden Village clan. She is known for her beauty throughout Wunderkammer

Hair Colour: Long white dense hair, sometimes with a blue tinge depending on the season.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Height: 145cm

Weight: 42kg

Piercings/Tattoos: No piercings, no tattoos.


Family: Undescovered.

Friends: Frost, Lynx, Valley and Rabbit.

Enemies: Merchants from Crooked Trawl.

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