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Character Profile - Lynx

Quote: ''I'd do anything for Frost."


Name: Lynx Riverbreaker

Nickname: Ice cat

Age: 18

Hometown: Village of Winter Pines in Clearwater

Craft: Water craft


Lynx was born into the common Watercrafter nation, this forbids all commoners to marry into the noble nation, make executive decisions for the village and entitlement to land. Frost and Lynx were childhood friends, often venturing out together on adventures and discovering creatures. Lynx would always get up to mischief while Frost was the more reasoning of the duo, always concerned about the repercussions if they were caught. Their relationship soon turned into somewhat of a love affair, with Frosts father reinstating that commoners must not marry into this nation.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Mischief, wintersage, exploring.

Dislikes: warm weather.


Personality: Lynx has somewhat of a cocky attitude and is characterised by his exuberant and unorthodox methods. He is perceived as a little dim-witted but is hugely determined to impress the noble nation. Lynx considers himself as a bit of a prankster, it seems that he is only one who finds them funny, however Frost has been known to quietyly laugh at his pranks.

Physical: Lynx bears the Watercrafter's trademark three white stripe facial markings on each cheek. He is of pure white complexion which enables Watercrafters to blend into their snowy environment. Commoners are branded with black bands around their wrists.

Hair Colour: Grey and white, evident of a non-pure water crafter.

Eye Colour: Striking blue, a trait of all Watercrafters.

Height: 150cm

Weight: 55kg

Piercings/Tattoos: Black bands around his wrist, again, something commoners are branded with.


Family: Undiscovered

Friends: Frost, Myst, Rabbit.

Enemies: Those folk down in Valley of Fire are a bit questionable.

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