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Character Profile - Rabbit

Quote: "I'm obviously the better sister."


Name: Rabbit Greenmore

Nickname: Rabbit

Age: 18

Hometown: Village of Fallen Leaves in Tall Trees

Craft: Earth craft and Wood craft

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Creatures, trees, sewing, foraging.

Dislikes: I know Azrael said she disliked me ... So I'll do the same.


Only a year apart and the younger sister to Azrael Greenmore, Rabbit was born an Earthcrafter in the village of Fallen Leaves. She always looked up to her sister from a very early age, admiring her talents and intelligence, Rabbit wanted nothing more than to be like Azrael. As they got older, Azrael started stealing and conning others to get what she wanted. Rabbit noticed the change in her sister and although the two deeply care for each other (not that they would admit it) a resentment started to form. The two now have a love hate relationship, but Azrael secretly still looks out for her sister, doing a few inconspicuous good deeds to keep her safe.


Personality: Rabbit is a very stubborn individual, she is very conscious of making sure she makes the right decision. Like her sister Azrael, Rabbit is also intelligent and mastered earth and wood crafting at a young age of 10. She isn't big on making jokes like Azrael is which really winds her up, Azrael knows this and uses it to her amusement.

Physical: Much shorter than her sister, Rabbit bears the two white horizontal markings on her cheeks, a characteristic of the Fallen Leaves nations facial markings.

Hair Colour: Chestnut brown

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 143cm

Weight: 40 kg

Piercings/Tattoos: None


Family: Sister - Azrael Greenmore

Friends: Myst, Frost, Valley.

Enemies: She has her reservations about Wolf.

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