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Nanclendara - Tall Trees Region


This is the largest region in Nanclendara, it mostly consists of pine and oak forests, and is home to the largest basin. Merchants travel from Central highlands to collect some of the most sought after and rare items.

There are seven regions in Tall Trees.

Pine Ridge

Mostly dense pine forest with some mountainous areas, merchants usually travel to this town to find some of the rarest and prized mushrooms in the region. Those who are not familiar with the area usually get sherpers to guide them through the forest as you can easily get lost.

Example of the Pine Ridge region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Fallen Leaves

The main town in Tall Trees and residence of my BJD character Rabbit. Many of the houses are log cabins which are made from the pine trees in the surrounding areas.

Example of the Fallen Leaves region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Wild Wood

Home to many creatures, Wild Wood is a beautiful untouched oak forests spreading up into the pine forests of Pine Ridge, it's another renowned area where merchants come to gather supplies.

Example of the Wild Wood region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Crystal Basin

The largest basin in Nanclendara, Crystal Basin gets it's name from how clean the water is.

Example of the Crystal Basin region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Beartooth Pass

A town right on the boarder of Tall Trees, a great fishing spot and well known camp site where many travellers come to stay before crossing the boarder.

Example of the Beartooth Pass region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Elk Marsh

A large marsh located in the middle of Tall Trees, a difficult area for merchants and travellers to journey through, many usually avoid the area and travel through Bighorn Pass.

Example of the Elk Marsh region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Bighorn Pass

A somewhat level landscape and a town known for deer, many travellers and merchants travel through Bighorn Pass to avoid Elk Marsh.

Example of the Bighorn Pass region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Merchants Rest

Known for the log cabin inns, Merchants Rest is a popular place for merchants and travellers to rest before they cross the boarder and journey back to Central Highlands,

Example of the Merchants Rest region. (Photo does not belong to me)


Tall Trees is home to the Earth Crafters, they are able to control the earth element while specialist crafters are able to control the element Wood. It's also densely populated with creatures like the Marsh Wolf and Tree Spirit Caribou's.

My BJD characters Rabbit and Azrael originate from Tall Tree's and both are Earth Crafters. Rabbit is able to control wood, while Azrael has a unique ability to control fire. More on my character profiles to come.

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