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Nanclendara - Central Highlands Region


Central Highlands is predominantly the central marketplace in Nanclendara, it has a large market where you can get just about anything. It's mostly flat land consisting of open plains, small hills and rivers. Many merchants and travellers choose to pass through Central Highlands because of this, making their journey easier.

There are five areas in Valley of Fire.

Rickets Point

Rickets Point is the highest and most Northern point in Central Highlands, it overlooks the Tall Trees region making it a popular spot of merchants to rest. There are small rest stations in which travellers stay.

Example of the Rickets Point region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Dead Lead

One of the most Northern areas, Dead Lead is somewhat of an unforgiving land. The terrain is quite rocky but also very beautiful as it boarders the main river.

Example of the Dead Lead region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Old Crow

The flattest and largest part of Central Highlands. Old Crow consists of wide open plains where heard creatures mainly thrive. There are many sought after plants here including aloe vera which is used for medicinal purposes.

Example of the Old Crow region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Merchants Landing

The heart of Central Highlands and the largest marketplace in Wunderkammer, Merchants Landing spans over 10 hectares and is situated along the main river where access to the open waters make trading easy, it has a large port where supplies like plants, medicines and materials are shipped in.

Example of the Merchants Landing region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Beauchamps Brassey

Beauchamps Brassey is another port town, however it's mainly a fishing town. The residents often take their catch to Merchants Landing to sell their items daily.

This town is also known for their pearls, they say that only those who are born and bred in this town will find the best pearls.

Example of the Beauchamps Brassey region. (Photo does not belong to me)


Mainly a merchants region, there aren't really any townships throughout Central Highlands apart from the fishing town of Beauchamps Brassey.

Azrael and Wolf have been seen around the Merchants Landing area, purchasing and selling items and supplies.

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