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Nanclendara - Crooked Trawl Region


Crooked Trawl is the black market capital, mainly specialising in illegal items such as animal parts, poisons, weapons and ammunition etc. Many don't travel down to this region and is home to the criminal.

There are six regions in Crooked Trawl.

Death Valley

Death Valley gets it's name from it's reputation, many don't make it through the valley. With it's searing heat and deep canyons, many outlaws hijack merchants and travellers.

Example of the Death Valley region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Outlaws Post

Mainly a place for gangs to hideout, Outlaws Post is a town full of pubs, gambling and small trade. Many black market merchants will stop here and try their luck at selling their items at a highly inflated price.

Example of the Outlaws Post region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Rotten Oak Ridge

Once an oak forest, Rotten Oak Ridge has succumbed to the harsh treatment it endured by the residents of Crooked Trawl and.. Dark Matter..

Example of the Rotten Oak Ridge region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Insidious Cape

A town that is the highest point in Crooked Trawl, Insidious Cape is the less dangerous of the towns. A lookout before Demons Market.

Example of the Insidious Cape region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Wildcat Rough

Crooked Trawls port town, where many of the illegal items found in Demons Market are smuggled in and shipped out.

Example of the Wildcat Rough region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Demons Market

The black market, Demons Market is spread across a few hectares with the most evil and impure items found in ''The Cave''. The place where Dark Matter was first created.

Example of the Demons Market region. (Photo does not belong to me)


Crooked Trawl is home to many crafters who have turned outlaws, mainly those who what been cast from their home towns for unspeakable acts. Not many creatures live in this region, they have fled to the surrounding areas.

While none of my BJD characters live here, there are two characters who have been spotted in Crooked Trawl.

Azrael, from Tall Trees has been known to trade here, which is the main tension between her and Rabbit.

Wolf, from the Valley of Fire is another character that is known to do some trade in Crooked Trawl.

More on my character profiles to come.

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