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Character Profile - Azrael

Quote: "I like valuable things, shiny things, gems, money, you name it. Oh and I always get what I want.."


Name: Azrael Greenwood

Nickname: The Red Thief.

Age: 19

Hometown: Village of Fallen Leaves in the Tall Trees region.

Craft: Earth Craft, Wood Craft and Fire Craft.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Anything valuable, stealing those valuables .... Oh and berries.

Dislikes: Rules, being told what to do and her sister.


Azrael was born into the Earthcrafter village, always a stubborn child, she excelled with everything she tried, even managing to master earth and wood crafting at the age of 8. She is the older sister to Rabbit, the two have a very complex love-hate relationship but two two deeply care for each other.

Azrael is somewhat of an antiheroine, she knows very well right from wrong, however her desire for valuable things far exceed her conscience. Azrael has a secret romantic relationship with Wolf Terrembrace which is who she learned how to fire craft.

She has the ability to see the notorious Red Wolf, something that no one else is able to see, this is the beginning of her struggle between right a wrong.


Personality: Azrael is a complex character, her façade may come across aloof and heartless, often laughing, joking and brushing things off. However she is a highly intelligent and deep thinking individual, often evaluating situations and people before her next move. Her extreme intellect allows her to manipulate, and problem solve better than any other. Being an introvert, Azrael often enjoys solitude but will happily travel with Wolf.

Physical: Quite tall with a red eye band and two white horizontal markings on her cheeks, a characteristic of the Fallen Leaves nations facial markings. The other markings? Oh don't worry about those..

Hair Colour: Long straight dark brown.

Eye Colour: Purple

Height: 149cm

Weight: 45kg

Piercings/Tattoos: No piercings, a tattoo of a wolf paw on her hip significance of the Red Wolf branding.


Family: Rabbit - little sister.

Friends: Wolf

Enemies: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer right?

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