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Nanclendara - Alpine Ridge Region


A relatively small region, it's mostly very mountainous and is home to the Air Crafters who are able to control their breathing in higher altitudes. Only experienced merchants and travellers generally travel to this region.

There are five areas in Alpine Ridge:

Snow Peak

The most mountainous area and highest altitude in Alpine Ridge, only those who are experienced mountaineers or Air Crafters venture into Snow Peak. One of the rarest and most sought after berries grow only in this region.

Example of the Snow Peak region. (Photo does not belong to me)


A boarder town, Clearview is based high on the surrounding mountains overlooking Tall Trees, an ally of Alpine Ridge. Clearview is also used as a rest stop for travellers and merchants who have crossed the boarder from Tall Trees.

Example of the Clearview region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Hidden Village

A small secret village usually covered in a snow mist, giving it the name Hidden Village. This small village is where my character Myst originates. Many hand crafted tools, weapons and warmer clothing are made here, making it a popular spot of merchants to source stock from, however Hidden Village is a difficult spot to find.

Example of the Hidden Village region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Deadmans Ridge

The most dangerous place in Alpine Ridge, some travellers make the mistake of journeying into this region. What makes Deadmans Ridge so dangerous is the many hidden snow caves and jagged rocks, inexperienced travellers may fall down these caves never to see the light of day again.

Example of the Deadmans Ridge region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Summit Creek