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Nanclendara - Clearwater Region


Clearwater is known to have some of the most pure and mineral rich waters in all of Nanclendara. The northern part of Clearwater is somewhat mountainous and is home to the Water Crafters.

There are five towns in Clearwater

Mountain Ash

Boarding Alpine Ridge, Mountain Ash is a small untouched forest usually covered in a soft blanket of snow all year round.

Example of the Mountain Ash region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Oak Ridge

A small mountain bordering Tall Trees and The Great Lake, Oak Ridge is known for it's pure air and amazing views.

Example of the Oak Ridhe region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Twin Wolves

Twin Wolves gets it's name from the legend of two rocks that look like wolves, many come to pay their respects with offerings and good fortunes.

Example of the Twin Wolves region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Deers Landing

Bordering Kalatha, Deers Landing is home to many creatures making it a popular place for travellers. There is a small log cabin in the centre of the forest which is also popular with travellers.

Example of the Deer Landing region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Mineral Springs

Known for the cleanest and purest waters in all of Nanclendara, Mineral Springs is a popular place for merchants, travellers and even creatures.

Example of the mineral Springs region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Winter Pines

The largest village in Clearwater, Winter Pines is home to the Water Crafters and my BJD characters Frost and Lynx. The residents live in huts that are specifically built to withstand harsh storms.

Example of the Winter Pines region. (Photo does not belong to me)

Wolf Post

A place for travellers and merchants to stay before journeying to the Valley of Fire, the landscape starts to change here as in reaches a warmer area.

Example of the Wolf Post region. (Photo does not belong to me)


Clearwater is home to the Water Crafters, they are able to control water elements while specialist crafters are able to control ice. It's also densely populated with creatures like the River Wolf and Rain cloud Kangaroos.

My BJD characters Frost and Lynx originate from Clearwater and both are Water Crafters. Frost is able to control Water and Ice, while Lynx is known for his speed. More on my character profiles to come.

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