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BJD Character Overview


Somewhat of an antiheroine, Azrael is opinionated, stubborn and dishonest but very intelligent. Azrael does have a conscious and there is more to her that meets the eye.

Born in Tall Trees as an Earthcrafter, Azrael has a unique ability to craft fire, a skill she has learnt from Wolf.


Assertive, Loyal and Intelligent, Rabbit is a resident of Tall Trees. Born an Earthcrafter, she is also able to craft Wood elements.

Rabbit has a complex love-hate relationship with her sister Azrael.


Quiet, softly spoken and dislikes confrontation, Valley is part of the noble Firecrafter nation in the Valley of Fire. A complicated relationship with her brother Wolf, she wants nothing but peace.


Hard headed, a little fraudulent but protective, Wolf was born into the noble Firecrafter nation in the Valley of Fire. However his selfish and egotistical nature gets the best of him.


Quiet, assertive, with a tremendous crafting power, Frost was born into the royal bloodline of the Watercrafters of Clearwater. Not only is she able to craft water but she is also able to craft ice, an attribute of all who carry the royal bloodline.


Mischievous, adventurous and sometimes a little thickheaded, Lynx is a resident of Clearwater. Born a common Watercrafter, he does not carry the royal bloodline. Although the commoners are forbidden to marry a Royal, he has a fondness for Frost.


Courageous, strong minded and witty, Myst was born an Aircrafter in Alpine Ridge. With her ability to control her breathing at high altitude, Myst has a vast knowledge of her region and is an expert mountaineer.


Peaceful, benevolent and is somewhat of divine forest spirit. Kodama is often seen silently drifting around Kalatha, she has tremendous power and is master of all crafts. Kodama protects the Kalatha forest along side The Red Wolf.

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